A Good Tomato Season?

I got an e-mail recently from a friend who berated me for not writing about the excellent produce season. While I am not the biggest fan of fruits and vegetables as anything other than a supporting cast to the lead actor: meat, I love tomatoes. But not those silly ersatz tomatoes from the supermarket. I mean those glorious, sweet, juicy intensely flavored beasts that show up occasionally in farmers markets and vegetable stands. But this year, while certainly better than last year’s awfulness, was not noteworthy. We had some good, and a few excellent batches, but I haven’t had a truly great tomato in several years. What has happened?

Pizza: It’s Not Rocket Science

I was bullied by another blogger into trying to make pizza in the privacy of my own kitchen. And…my lovely wife suggested it too, so I was stuck. And you know what? While it isn’t easy, it is certainly not difficult. Oh, I had a few missteps — among them a large quantity of melted mozzarella dripping onto the floor of my oven and a pizza stone that cracked in half after three uses. But the end result is that I can make a very nice pizza, with fresh ingredients I choose, without any trouble. I have no particular skill or special technique. For that you should do your research on-line or talk to someone who has done it before. In fact, it has become clear that this post is content free, other than the photo of my lunch!