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How Did We Ever Live Without This?

Ignoring the unarguable fact that this stuff is ugly, why would you want to eat your plate after a meal? And notice what it is made of — hardtack. I remember reading stories of sailing ships and the awful food they had after the fresh food was eaten. Hardtack played an important role in the […]

Starbucks Explained

No one really understood what Starbucks was trying to accomplish, until the intrepid reporters from my favorite news source dug into the story. Starbucks to begin sinister Phase 2 of Operations* *Stolen from a commenter

Starbucks, You Have Got To Be Kidding!

Maybe I’m stupid, but I don’t understand the point of retraining all of your employees in the niceties of customer service and focusing anew on the quality of the product…by locking out all of your customers during a normal business day. I worked for a big corporation for a long time, and our many, many […]

Presidents’ Day

Alien V

This has very little to do with anything. But I love the Alien movies (not number 3), and I got a chuckle out of this.

“Cooking With Aphrodisiacs” A Review (But Not Mine!)

James Lileks is one of my favorite bloggers, in part because he has, on occasion, made me laugh out loud. He writes his own stuff on his blog, but also has a real job working for others. One of those is a blog on a site called Smartflix, which seems to be a large collection […]

Happy New Year! (I’ll Be Back Soon)

Merry Christmas!

A Reader Writes (about the glass situation)

I have one of these. I received it as a Hanukkah gift. I progressed through the following stages: 1) not understanding how to hold it, 2)understanding how to hold it but feeling too awkward to use it in front of guests, 3) using it while mocking it in front of guests, 4) realizing just how […]

Creeping Foodie Pomposity

First it was salt. Then it was a snooty, wine-snob tasting glass that, unfortunately, works really well. It was a gift from my sister and her life partner, so I would never criticize its function if it were crappy. I just wouldn’t say anything. But this thing really works! It is awkward to hold, and […]

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