Wine By Joe Pinot Noir

I have never heard of this winemaker, but his 2005 pinot noir is a very nice example of an Oregon pinot. There was a bit too much of that typical bright cherry flavor, but it was a nicely balanced and pleasant wine. It has some structure that is offset by good fruit. At $18 retail it seems to be a good deal. If you can find it at discount, even better!

2 Replies to “Wine By Joe Pinot Noir”

  1. Esty Street in Park Ridge, your not favorite restaurant, has a Wine by Joe. I think it’s a pinot gris, and i found it quite enjoyable for the price. by the glass, i should add.

  2. One of the impressive things about Esty Street is the quality of the wine list. Tommy:Eats has more! Seriously, their wine selection is nicely chosen, reasonably priced, and pure American. What more can you ask for (except for more inventive food)?

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