Sibling Rivalry, And I Lost!

I am a better cook than my sister. I have better technique, a surer sense of the chemistry of food, a much better grasp of ingredients, and I am a man, and everyone knows that men make better cooks. Did I mention that I am a better cook than my sister? So how could she take one of my recipes and improve it, both in taste and simplicity? And the worst part is that she is holding out on the details. I discussed this kind of repellent behavior a while ago, but I never expected it from my own sister.

3 Replies to “Sibling Rivalry, And I Lost!”

  1. The difference is I am an intuitive cook and you are more intellectual. It’s the secret ingredient that only a few people carry around in their pockets that improves all dishes.

  2. Jeez, I don’t care to get in the middle of this, but your sister sounds like she has a pretty good understanding. Of both you and cooking, that is. I also think she’s kissing your ass.
    That recipe begs for intuitive response. More than likely it comes out a bit different each time you make it.
    That is what makes really good restaurant cooking so challenging and so different, translating a good dish at home into 30 versions of it each night.

  3. I agree, but it’s difficult when the dish comes out really well several times, and then….not too good. I keep at it for longer than I should, mostly out of stubbornness. After all, it’s a recipe, it has to be good!

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