A Chick Drink That’s Actually Good!

A recent commenter mentioned Schiller’s Liquor Bar, and it reminded me of an excellent mixed drink that I had there recently. It was a simple concoction, nothing more than lemonade, lemon-flavored vodka, and strawberries. But the bartender muddled the strawberries so most of the flavor was extracted by the alcohol. Good stuff, and something that I am going to try.

The proportions? I am going to guess, but really, it is all to taste.

3 oz. Lemon Vodka

3 oz. Lemonade

2 oz. Seltzer

3 strawberries stemmed, and then muddled in bottom of glass.

Add ice, pour everything in, give it a bit of a stir, and serve.

2 Replies to “A Chick Drink That’s Actually Good!”

  1. your link, she don’t work IAMAC.

    is this really a real cocktail though? i think the stawberries, as long as they’re in season wherever they are grown, might make it a “fun” drink. but the people i know who mix vodka and lemonade are doing it so they can drink lots of vodka, and quickly. i suppose that’s the point of vodka anyway, though. but that might be for a sanctimonious post of my own.

  2. All fixed!

    Well, you’ll have to define cocktail, and I am certainly not going to jump into those waters.

    That’s not true. I will happily irritate someone with my definition of “cocktail,” but it is a question that hadn’t occurred to me until you suggested it. Notice that I didn’t call it a cocktail, but I will also defer to your description of it as a “fun” drink.

    In this case the vodka is a vehicle for lemon flavor, so your sanctimony is misplaced. And have a serious vodka tasting and you will discover that they are different, but only straight or in simple drinks like martinis. If you mix them, all bets are off.

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