Grilling On The Patio

Actually, I grill on my Weber Gas Grill, not on the patio (I don’t think that the patio bricks are designed to have fires built upon them, and they would probably crack). And it is a pleasure. But for many reasons, not just hanging out on the patio during the summer. Almost by definition, grilled and barbecued foods are simpler to prepare for cooking, and once you get the hang of not torching the chicken or leaving most of the fish stuck to the grill grates, the cooking is easier too. But that’s not it. Most of the recipes and techniques require very little real skill; just your presence on the patio with a beer in hand is usually enough. It is a more relaxed, less time-constrained event, and that is the real pleasure. I have resisted making complex grilled or barbecued foods because their required concentration and prep would detract from the pleasure of grilling. On a snowy February weekend, when there is nothing else to do? I’ll make something insanely complicated. But on a warm August night, when the stars are out and the fireflies are sparkling across the lawn? Steak, corn and a good salad are all we need. Oh, and that beer I mentioned.

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