Dry Rub On Shrimp?

I use my barbecue dry rub on pretty much everything, although until recently I had never tried it on seafood. But that changed when my lovely and previously cooking-challenged wife suggested that I try it on shrimp. What the hell — how bad could it be? Needless to say it was a resounding success, and it has entered my repertoire for those nights when all of a sudden it’s far too late to make anything other than what is three steps from edible. Step 1: defrost shrimp (always have some good frozen shrimp in the freezer*). Step 2: sprinkle rub on shrimp and allow to soak in for a few minutes, or hours. Step 3: sauté in a medium pan with butter.

Last time I made this dish I served the shrimp with some cannellini beans that I had cooked with some olive oil and garlic. The creaminess of the beans was a wonderful foil for the slightly spicy shrimp. I guess if you are really compulsive and are dying for your own cooking show, you could serve this as an appetizer. Toast some slices of baguette, mound a bit of the beans on top, then plop a shrimp on each piece and garnish with some chopped parsley. Or you could do what I do and shovel all of it out of the bowls and into my mouth as fast as I can.

*Thank you, Tommy, for the excellent point that you made a long time ago. Actually, thank you Tommy’s mother-in-law, but I am confident that she doesn’t read my blog. I hope she reads Tommy’s!

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