7 Replies to “I Am Vindicated! Bacon Is Good For You!”

  1. I have to assume that taylor ham offers the same medicinal value. At least I hope so, because that’s what I reach for.

    As they say, the best way to cure a hangover is to not have one to begin with. And the best of of doing that? Drink lots of water throughout the time that you’re drinking booze. And two advil before you retire.

    I’ve done a lot of experimentation with this, and even with a minimal amount of booze, if I don’t drink water, I will not feel right the next day.

    And remember people, it has nothing to do with “mixing liquors”. You can have a rum rum drink before dinner, a glass of white and glass of red wine dinner, and a gin-based drink afterwards, and not have an instant recipe for a hangover. Mixing doesn’t cause a hangover; drinking too much does. And not enough water, of course.

  2. Where did that silly old wives tale come from? I am a big fan of mixing pretty much everything, and the only differences in the intensity of my hangovers seem to be linked to volume of alcohol, and nothing else.

    You are correct about the water. I’ll drink as much as I can tolerate, and then put a glass of water next to the bed, just in case I wake up and am parched. Of course I have never tried a bottle of beer at 4:00am, so maybe I am missing out on a perfect remedy!

  3. And yet…nothing quite settles the stomach and cuts through the hangover fog like the SAUSAGE/egg/cheese biscuit…the bacon variation is acceptable in a pinch but it is simply the poor man’s version.

  4. Denny’s restaurants used to have something called a “pizza omelet” (basically pepperoni and mozz) that was a magical cure for a hangover — even though the thought of it is revolting when you’re sober.

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