A Wonderful Skewering Of A New York Food Icon

Babbo is right there at the top of most people’s lists of the best Italian restaurants, and on many of the best of New York restaurants. And, I admit, I have wanted to eat there for quite some time. A combination of events, led of course by the impossibility of getting a reservation has prevented me from satisfying my curiosity (oh, and my lovely wife isn’t a big fan of Italian food). But this well written destruction is too good to ignore.

P.S. This guy is not the most charming restaurant guest, but he does write a very amusing blog post.

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  1. Oh well, who’s to say about all the drama? The real issue is addressed by the commenter Ford. Our blogger is arrogant to think he can arrive that late, at that restaurant, on a Saturday night. The telling thing for me, which says a lot about his attitude, is the line about it being his fault that there was traffic. He did not take responsibility for his lateness. This does not excuse any of the problems that ensued, but it does not make me like him, or believe him any more than the unskilled front.
    He sounds as though he was looking for trouble.
    Restaurants do not like people looking for trouble. It’s hard enough without them.
    And I agree, if you are going to name names, start with your own.

  2. All good points. Your perspective as one who has been on the other side of tardy but entitled-feeling diners is interesting.

    Suffice it to say that neither party behaved well, but it is the front man’s job to make people feel welcome if possible, and it seems as if his arrogance took over for his brain.

  3. Actually I now prefer the comment left by “Jeff”; “entitled douche bag” pretty much says it all.
    The personal references about the maitre’d are indefensible.
    And notice the bloggers friend’s comment; he is also still defending their lateness, again, not taking responsibility, blaming the accidents.
    I also defend the “not bringing the chair, and 7:50 check. They were told they would need the table by 8. Why would they not leave the check at 7:50? Especially to a table of self important douche bags?!

  4. My one disagreement is that Babbo could have refused the reservation. Once they accepted these admittedly spoiled brats as guests, they should have been afforded the best experience possible. That does not forgive the diner’s responsibility not to be a “douchebag!”

  5. i would hope that post wouldn’t turn you off to the place.

    a couple of facts:
    1) the guy was late, very late, and he’s lucky he had a seat.
    2) the food is, by-and-large, very good (and I’m guessing unlike the “Italian food” that your wife does not like)
    3) John, the m’d, is a complete douche. But if you can get past that and just ignore him, you’ll be in for a treat. Why the Batali/Bastianich organization keeps him around is beyond me. Although, I suppose he does a good job, and creates a bit of buzz.

  6. Oh, the guy is definitely a jerk, but that doesn’t detract from the amusing skewering of Babbo, and the front man from hell.

    I’ll judge Babbo when I eat there. Regardless of this guy’s opinion, I will decide whether Batali deserves the accolades.

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