So I Lied! (Another Shot At Queen Alice)

At the risk of boring the hell out of both of you, here is an interesting and important article about the current hysteria over teaching kids Algebra and Shakespeare through the joys of gardening. I have never understood the allure of this particular method of avoiding real schoolwork, but the author does a wonderful job of explaining it, while skewering Alice Waters — always one of my favorite things.

4 Replies to “So I Lied! (Another Shot At Queen Alice)”

  1. “…oppressively sanctimonious and relentlessly conversation-busting service not included. (I’ve had major surgeries in which I was less scrupulously informed about what was about to happen to me, what was happening to me, and what had just happened to me than I’ve been during a dinner there.)”

    Well played, Miss Flanagan.

  2. Good article and one that Anthony Bourdain cited during his speaking engagement. Hey, who cares if your kid ever learns gyroscopic theory, ’cause they’ll know the lifecycle of the bean plant.

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