Another Recipe Theft: From Ina Garten This Time

I have to give her credit — she knows her stuff. How to cook a potato is not something that I have worried about in a very long time, but I noticed a different technique in one of Ina’s recipes for potato salad. Instead of boiling the little buggers until they are tender, bring them to a boil, simmer for 10-15 minutes until barely tender, drain, and cover with a towel and let them steam. It keeps them firm and doesn’t make the skins so soft that they fall off. While this isn’t such a big deal if you are peeling them, it is a very nice improvement for potato recipes that require the skins to be kept on the potatoes. And they seemed to be much less mushy, with a bit of firmness that made the dish better.

Just to double-check the technique, I made smashed potatoes last night, and they were excellent. This one is a keeper, and will henceforth be called, “Iamnotachef’s Foolproof Potato Technique.”

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