Put On A Coat And Tie, You Idiot

My lovely wife and I recently celebrated our anniversary at one of our favorite restaurants. We had a marvelous time, with excellent (bordering on great) food, wonderful service, and an eye-opening experience with an Austrian white wine. Great stuff!

It is by no stretch of the imagination a casual restaurant; I would consider it elegant and formal. Which is why I was irked to see several people in polo shirts or other, similarly casual garb. My wife and I were well dressed; I in a summer suit and my wife in a smoking hot party dress. Did I expect everyone to be dressed as we were? No, of course not. We dressed in a celebratory fashion because of the occasion. But I had hoped to see my fellow diners display some sense of decorum and appropriateness. Is it that difficult to rummage around your closet, past the t-shirts and Hawaiian prints for a button-down and a blue blazer?

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  1. You must have another adjective for your wife other than lovely. Fabulous? Amusing? Intelligent? Favorite?

    That said, I agree. But the dress is even worse when you go to the large state on the other side of the continent. And…it is summer in NYC and many of the other diners were tourists….maybe from that other state.

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