The Knot Irish Whiskey — The Good, The Bad And The Beautiful

The Knot is an Irish whiskey that has an undeniably elegant bottle and label — thus the “beautiful.” It is also a wonderfully balanced whiskey, without a hint of harshness on the finish, and with a full mouth-feel. That’s the “good.” Unfortunately it was aged in oak casks that seemingly were prepared for the maximum extraction of vanillin, so the overwhelming flavor of this Irish Whiskey is…vanilla! As a gift for a toddler, or even a teenager, it can’t be beat. But for adults this will be an acquired taste, and one that I have yet to find.

Oh, the website is stunningly irritating. That’s not a surprise, as it seems that every food and restaurant site is in competition for the worst possible design in history. And to be fair, there a couple of mini-videos that are amusing. But don’t click on it for any actual information — that’s not important enough stuff to make the website.

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