If A Butterfly Flaps Its Wings…

The taste of a Manhattan that is shaken, compared to one that is stirred, is radically different. Why, I have no idea. But it proves some profound point that I have been trying to make for a very long time. Unfortunately, the point is floating lazily around my brain, not quite visible enough to be clear.

Maybe tomorrow?

I have Been Remiss In My Duties

Yes, I have been a slug, or maybe just so boring that I deleted a few posts lest my many few readers fall over and smash their noses into their keyboards in boredom — and then sue me for intentional infliction of emotional distress. The problem is that I had a few things that I wanted to write, but when I actually put finger to keyboard, I thought to myself, “what are you, a moron?”

Soon. I promise, soon.

The Lowly Hamburger

Not really. I love hamburgers, and unlike most restaurants, I understand that making a good one is a difficult proposition. I’m not going to bore you with my list of the best hamburgers, and I’m not going to irritate you with my opinion of the best way to cook them. What I am going to discuss is the uncomfortable Continue reading “The Lowly Hamburger”