A 40 Course Meal?

Perhaps it is a bit over the top, but a 40 course meal to celebrate a significant event in one’s life isn’t an outrageous affront to my sensibilities. Would I do it? No, I think that after a dozen courses and a few hours the food becomes an afterthought. I don’t think that I have the fortitude — intestinal, emotional or intellectual — to take seriously that much of a meal. I have spent four hours at a dinner table, but the company was the highlight, with the food a delightful addition to a wonderful evening.

Lobster Rolls

We spent a relaxing week on the east end of Long Island* and near Portland, Maine, focused almost entirely on what we were going to eat for the next meal. Oddly, we ate no lobster in Maine, but we were careful to stop at a lobster pound on the way back to Shelter Island and stock up on a combination Continue reading “Lobster Rolls”

Cat’s Pee Nose

“The 2007 Glazebrook Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc displays a pungent gooseberry and cat’s pee nose, well-balanced and harmonious but without the breeding of the Pinot Gris or the Viognier.”

88 Points – Neal Martin – Wine Advocate

There seems to be a disconnect between this reviewer’s taste buds Continue reading “Cat’s Pee Nose”