Trust Me: Buy This Goat Cheese

I picked this up at The Wine Library, while shopping for uh…wine. In addition to a great selection of wines from around the world (and great prices too), they have a magnificent cheese shop. Really. Great. Fantastic. Wonderful. The best I have ever seen. And I picked up this little gem, mostly because I was intrigued by theĀ  packaging…a vacuum-packed flat of six of these wonderful little rounds of ash-coated goat cheese. It wasn’t even that expensive. But it was wonderful stuff. So stop buying crap goat cheese from wherever you buy cheese, and pick up this stuff instead.

Am I Becoming A Locavore?

That word irritates me more than it should, because it’s just a typical pompous foodie buzzword that will go out of fashion as soon as people understand that “local” doesn’t necessarily mean good quality, inexpensive, carbon neutral, kind to animals, or any of the other ideas that people have when they see it emblazoned across a food article headline. I am very familiar with the efficiency of our transportation system in this country and would be willing to bet Continue reading “Am I Becoming A Locavore?”

Humboldt Fog

Great goat cheese is a rare thing, and we are lucky that Cypress Grove Cheeses exists. And even luckier that they aren’t in France or Italy (the Euro is expensive enough), but in good old Humboldt County, California. I guess some people don’t grow marijuana in Humboldt; instead they make the best cheese in America. These folks make wonderful cheese, but their Humboldt Fog is amazing. It isn’t particularly pungent, just creamy and a bit crumbly for texture. Wonderful stuff. Expensive too, but sometimes it’s worth spending a few extra dollars for the best, and this definitely falls into that category.