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Alprazolam For Sale, I'm not sure when it became reasonable for utter ignoramuses to pontificate about subjects that are normally reserved for experts. Alprazolam natural, And I have no particular affinity for "experts." I am not impressed by the pedigrees of most "experts," and I am more than willing to point at them and laugh like a hyena, order Alprazolam no prescription. Where can i find Alprazolam online, In fact, I enjoy doing that, where can i buy cheapest Alprazolam online. Real brand Alprazolam online, What I mean by the word "expert" is someone who has a reasonable foundation in the facts necessary to understand a topic and who has spent some non-trivial amount of time thinking about those facts and how they mesh with the popular and unpopular explanations for those facts.

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My Worst Restaurant Meal

This is a tough one. If I were to be objective about every restaurant meal that I have eaten, I could find something wrong with every joint in the world. From unspeakably dirty bathrooms to rancid butter or short-and-curlies in the soup to slightly overdone steak to fois gras with just a bit too much […]

Long Distance Eating

Aside from the smart-assed comment at the end, this article, by Joel Stein in Time, is exactly what I think about the whole “eat local” crap that rich chefs (yes, Alice Waters, I’m talking about you) with too much time on their hands have been peddling to unsuspecting foodies for years and, recently, everyone else […]

Where Oh Where Did The Great Tomatoes Go?

Everyone waxes poetic about the glories of family farms, sustainable agriculture, locally grown produce, blah, blah blah. While I am happy for the residents of Manhattan who can afford the $5 peaches at the Union Square Market, I am curious how the less well off among them will be able to eat a healthy diet […]

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