A Lovely Meal

The fine meal wasn’t had by me, because I have yet to acquire a taste for tulips, or tulip bulbs. No, these are the remnants of what was apparently quite a feast, attended by every squirrel in the neighborhood. And an excuse to post a nice picture.

Alice Waters Can’t Catch A Break…

…mostly because she is a moron when it comes to things other than free-range broccoli grown by New Age hippies on communal land expropriated from THE MAN. But if you don’t think that I am scrupulously impartial, just take a look at this article in National Review Online.* The skewering is wonderful.

More seriously, I think she does this country a disservice by being so stunningly ignorant of the basic laws of economics, and the reality of the world outside of North Berkeley.

*Will, thanks for the link!

Rum Sazerac

I am sure that I have violated some basic tenet of New Orleans drinking culture by bastardizing their classic cocktail, but damn, it tasted great! So send your zombies, I can handle them, especially with a few of these drinks to stiffen my resolve. The original drink Continue reading “Rum Sazerac”