75 Wine Company Cabernet Sauvignon 2004

This is a fine example of a very well made, pleasant California cab that is thoroughly forgettable. There is nothing wrong with this wine, in fact it is very well made, with nice balance between the fruit and tannins. But it tastes like every other well made cab. There just isn’t anything interesting in the bottle. I paid about $15, so I am certainly not upset about the purchase. And if I needed a bottle of wine as a gift for someone who might not be thrilled by interesting  and different wines, or was just starting down the wine road, this might be it. The label is pretty cool too, so that is a bonus. Don’t get me wrong; this is a good wine. I didn’t pour it down the sink or into the spaghetti sauce. I might not be a chef, but I’m not an idiot.

The grapes are from Lake county, which is why I bought the wine in the first place. I thought that the winemaker might be able to reveal something interesting or different. Many California cabernets are made from grapes grown in Napa county, and many of them taste like they were made by the same winemaker.

This wine represents all that I find boring about wine. I think of these wines as “corporate.” They taste like they have been made by committee, without any personality or individuality. Are they made well? Absolutely! Will you remember them? Nope.

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