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  1. Hi Daniel,Ruth sent me your blog. Love it. I’m a p/t working mom always looking for real good food ideas. We live in Hastings-on-Hudson and have a great farmers market every Saturday morning. Check it out sometime.Thanks and good luck,-eileen charles

  2. One of the reasons I started this blog was to share some of the frustrations I have with some of the mainstream chefs and cooking shows. Very few people have the time to prepare elaborate, time-consuming recipes. What most people want, and I’m one of ’em, is interesting and good tasting food that doesn’t take all afternoon or evening to prepare. Sure, most people can make great meals if they have the time. Cooking isn’t that difficult. And on the weekends maybe a blowout dinner. But most days? Mustard grilled swordfish and roasted cauliflower–which is what we had last night. 3 minutes of prep for the fish, plus 10 minutes cooking time. The cauliflower? 5 minutes of prep and 45 minutes in the oven. As for your farmers market. How have the tomatoes been this year? Ours have been mediocre. I despair of ever eating another great tomato!

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