Marquis Philips Holly’s Blend 2006

Because my lovely wife will spit out any wine that isn’t chardonnay made in California, my opportunities for trying other white wines are limited. But we had a bunch of people over and I thought I could sneak one into the mix. Shocking as it may seem, not everyone is enamored of oaky, buttery chardonnays. So this wine was a perfect foil, almost the opposite of the typical California chard. But not quite…it had a few of the characteristics that make those typical chardonnays very popular, such as abundant fruit and a lush mouth feel. But unlike many of those cookie-cutter chards, this Verdelho based wine had just enough structure to make it easy to drink. The fruit seemed to me to be sort of appley (is that a word?), but not sour, just crisp. And since it is Australian, it has a screw top, which makes me very happy. It wasn’t overwhelming, just nice and fruity, with a touch of richness. And even a bit of acid and structure to make you feel like you were getting your money’s worth — a whopping $8 a bottle!

I have never had a bad or even mediocre bottle of wine from Marquis Philips. Everything they make is at least good, with the high-end stuff verging on great. Oh, and I was shocked when I offered my wife a taste and she said, “I could drink this.” High praise indeed!

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  1. Nothing! I love ’em. And I love crisp Sauvignon blancs. And I really love huge zinfandels. And don’t get me started about martinis and margaritas and single malt scotch and…does this mean something? As for red meat? I assume you mean a steak, cooked rare on a hot grill. I love that too! So does my wife. Life can be grand sometimes.

  2. So far I have only had the Holly’s Blend from the 2007 vintage (which is actually a blend of several different grapes as opposed to the same grape with a mixture between steel and oak aging). I really loved it! It was almost too drinkable… I found myself unable to stop sipping away at it!

    What did you pair it with?

    I have a bottle of Sarah’s Blend that I will be trying eventually. I can see myself becoming a big fan of the Marquis Philips brand. I will be picking up some of their Roogle wine next time I go to the store.

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