Ipswich Original Ale (Mercury Brewing Company)

This was a very good “English Style Pale Ale” that didn’t taste very English to me, but nonetheless, it was a very good match with the nachos that I made for dinner last night. Nachos? Yup, because I had a small amount of beef chili and not much else in the house, so nachos was the logical choice. The ale is made by a small company (Mercury Brewing Company) in, surprise!, Ipswich, Massachusetts. I haven’t had anything else they make, which seems to include a large assortment of sodas.

The ale had a nice pale copper color, with a nice creamy head and a malty aroma that was quite appealing. It was not too carbonated, which immediately made me very happy. One of the problems with otherwise excellent American beers and ales is the excessive carbonation. If I want a glass of seltzer, I’ll drink a glass of seltzer! But this stuff was not overloaded with CO2. There was a hint of hops, but nowhere near enough to call this an “English Style Pale Ale.” And that is not a criticism. I liked the malty, roasted flavors with just a touch of bitterness. Good stuff. I’ll buy it again, and I will also try their other beers. I am impressed.

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