A Reader Writes (about the glass situation)

I have one of these. I received it as a Hanukkah gift. I progressed through the following stages:
1) not understanding how to hold it,
2)understanding how to hold it but feeling too awkward to use it in front of guests,
3) using it while mocking it in front of guests,
4) realizing just how damn effective it is, and the final stage:
5) feeling smug and superior to all the losers holding stemmed glasses.
The only downside is that, as the ad claims, it does accentuate the flaws that might go unnoticed if one were to consume the wine from a jelly jar or straight out of the bottle. Still…makes a great holiday gift.

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  1. Do you think these glasses ought to be given in pairs? They are available at a small store in Brooklyn called Sterling Place. They have a nice website too.

  2. Well Lisa, if you had included the website I would have posted it!Back to your question. No, I think that a single tasting glass is appropriate. It’s not for everyone.

  3. Ms. Bonet appears to be confused on at least two counts. First, the link on your blog clearly shows the “amplifier glass” that is the topic of discussion. There was no reason for her to try to hijack this thread and steer it towards Brooklyn. Indeed, there is never a valid reason to do so, regardless of the topic (I spend a majority of my time in Brooklyn and know of what I speak). I note in some of her other commments about your recipes that she “has this thing about chickens”. Second, the website that she mentions DOES NOT HAVE THE GLASS IN QUESTION. It has the standard Reidels which are very nice but not newsworthy.

  4. One of the problems with the internet is the ability of users to pay almost no attention to what they are doing. I would have appreciated a link to a store that actually carries these interesting glasses, but Lisa was distracted, no doubt by a little birdie outside the window. I too was puzzled by the mention of Brooklyn. I have driven through Brooklyn on the way to civilized places like JFK, or the beach communities on Long Island. But it never occured to me to stop anywhere, because I assumed that there is nothing of any import anywhere in this blighted borough. I would hope that Lisa has stopped fishing in the Gowanus Canal, and that her mercury load has decreased enough to ease the madness.

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