What The @%#&! Brussels Sprouts?

I don’t know what to say. The fabric of the universe has been torn. Brussels sprouts are good. Yes, you read that correctly. They are good. Now, I roasted them in olive oil, salt and pepper, then sautéed them in bacon. But still. Brussels sprouts?

Even the kids ate them.

OK, I lied. They tasted them and didn’t throw them up onto the table. And one of them even sneaked some of the bacon from the pan. And as we all know, it was tainted with the taste of…Brussels Sprouts!

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  1. I would guess that pretty much anything prepared in that manner would be appealing. Try a blind taste test with Brussels Sprouts vs. navel lint (roasted in oil, sauteed in bacon, etc)..the kids won’t know the difference.

  2. i use pancetta instead of bacon, but usually neither. we have roasted brussels at least once a week. salt, pepper, EVOO.don’t forget to give cauliflower the same treatment. and potatoes. and squash. and don’t discount navel lint.

  3. I love roasted cauliflower. To entice the apes I tried a variation of your suggestion: ketchup! Roasted, then tossed in some reduced ketchup (I put in some sautéed garlic too). I loved it, but the children? Eh. But if they want rides to school they are going to eat their vegetables, so…Squash sounds interesting. I usually cut them in half and then drizzle some oil and garlic on them, then roast for 45 minutes or so. They turn out well, but not great. I assume you mean cubed and then roasted.

  4. Welcome to the I-now-love-brussels-sprouts-because-of-roasting club! I look forward to seeing you at the meetings. :-)Seriously, though–I now roast asparagus, sweet potatoes, beets, squashes and b. sprouts the same way–EVOO, salt and pepper. They really don’t need anything else. I love the popcorny smell of the sprouts after about 20 mins, too…and have been turning friends on to them in the last few months. Enjoy!

  5. I haven’t come out to my friends; just my family. Roasted asparagus is fantastic. I add a bit of garlic sometimes, but you are correct, all they need is oil, salt and pepper. And it never occurred to me, but brussels sprouts do smell a bit like popcorn! Maybe I’ll tell the kids that they are just big, green kernels of Orville Redenbacher.

  6. Slice the brussel spouts in half then roast with olive oil and salt until almost burnt. Skip the saute and bacon. My kids say they taste like french fries. This works well with califlower also.

  7. The sauté added some very nice flavors! How could you disapprove of bacon? They do get nice and crunchy, with a nutty flavor. And I agree about the cauliflower. It’s fantastic roasted.It is amazing how this much-maligned vegetable has so many people rushing to its defense.

  8. Actually, I have a simple variation. After a quick blanché, I sauté the sprouts in butter and shallots until brown, then boil off a few tablespoons of red wine vinegar. Boiling softens them up (and is quick), the sauté gives texture and a bit of a bite from the shallots, and the vinegar gives them an acidity which balances out the cabbage-like blandness.

  9. I like the crunchiness of the roasted sprouts. And, I have to admit, it’s really easy. I also think that the roasting evaporates a lot of the moisture in vegetables and changes the texture to something that is more pleasing to the young. Kids just love the crunch!That being said, anything sautéed in butter and shallots is going to be good, so I’ll give it a try.Thanks!

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