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Garden Cafe (Brooklyn)

I will eventually write a real, but amateurish review of this lovely little restaurant, but for the time being, I had the best venison I have ever had outside of New Zealand. The meal was impressive, reasonably priced, and the tiny kitchen puts to shame some of the most highly regarded restaurants in New York.

Garden Cafe

620 Vanderbilt Ave. (Prospect Pl.)
Brooklyn, NY

5 Responses to “Garden Cafe (Brooklyn)”

  1. Have you tried their lamb? As good or better than their venison. This kitchen produces my dream “home cooked” meals. It is the smallest kitchen I have ever seen, that produces superb meals. I aspire to be them!

  2. It is an impressive little place. Apparently they have been around for 20 years!

  3. Gosh Alabama…can we hear more about you? Everything is just so breathless and gushy in your world! I was at said restaurant last week. I had the venison and it is very good but overall the restaurant is just above average. For God’s sakes, don’t come to Brooklyn just to eat there.

  4. Just above average for Brooklyn? Or just above average for New York? As you may be aware, those are two very different things. I liked the restaurant, and would certainly return. And the venison was excellent. Better than what I had at Picholine last month. But is it a destination restaurant? Absolutely not.

  5. Pvt Spunkmeyer, you must aspire to become a curmudgeon.

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