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Take A Look At This!

Here is a brand spanking new blog that caught my attention because my wife claims that she is a great cook, based solely on her skills as a maker of grilled-cheese sandwiches.

14 Responses to “Take A Look At This!”

  1. I might have to argue that a better grilled cheese is made when you butter the bread instead of the pan. It ensures fewer dry spots where the butter has not reached due to waves in the pan. Just make sure the butter is at least room temperature before you try to spread it on something as soft as white bread. Mmmm… grilled cheese.

  2. Also, isn’t that too hairy of an arm and the name “Andy” to manly to be a “she”?

  3. It’s a blog, not a photo shoot! And who says that Andy is a she?

  4. I thought you were referring to the blogger as a she in your original post. Unless you were referring to your wife as the grilled cheese maker?Maybe it was a photo shoot? A very hairy man in a bikini, but we are only getting the tight shots on the food.

  5. The new blog is not mine, and yes, I was referring to my wife as the grilled cheese maker.

  6. i don’t mean to take anything away from the guy’s blog (he’s an interesting enough writer), but the whole concept of watching someone go from cooking grilled cheese to reaching some level of culinary awareness strikes me about as interesting as watching paint dry. I suspect the guy has more of a clue than he leads on, and he’s simply working the “watch me learn” angle.

  7. Agreed. And if the progression isn’t rapid, or slow but very amusing, most people will tune out rather quickly. I linked to it mostly to get a chuckle out of my wife.

  8. you told your wife you have a blog? and she doesn’t make fun of you? lucky man.

  9. She loves it! It means that she doesn’t have to talk to me while I’m writing it. In fact, she wants me to write more.

  10. her gain is our loss. ;-P

  11. Hi, this is Andy, the author of The New Cook, I just wanted to say thanks for visiting the site and let you know that I am in fact a man and not a hairy armed woman.

  12. I was a bit puzzled by that comment from one of my commenters. For your next grilled-cheese sandwich? Try a croque-monsieur. More work, but it’s worth it!

  13. Sorry.. it was a tongue in cheek comment. Do to my mistake of the original Postings gender references to either you or his wife. Thank you for clearing up the fact that you are NOT a hairy woman making food for the masses to view all over the world or atleast in New Jersey.

  14. No apologies necessary. Thanks for visiting.

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