If you don’t know what a slider is, please, just go away. This post is for real eaters, and besides, a life without sliders is a life not worth living.

Here is an interesting blog about…well, you’ll have to guess from the name. But the guy has obviously made a careful study of how to make sliders, and he uses as his inspiration the best on the planet: White Manna.

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  1. IAMNAC, were you poking around roadfood yesterday? that’s where i stumbled on this blog post myself, and it got me thinking about sliders, and how much i want to like them but how there’s always too much bread.

  2. I found it on A Hamburger Today, and immediately started drooling on my keyboard. It looks like fun to try. When I go to White Manna I always order doubles, and that seems to deal with the meat to bread ratio very nicely.

  3. I’m not thrilled by the style. I’ve eaten something like it, but it seems too busy when they start using sauces and garnishes. Maybe I am a barbarian, but great steak, grilled on a hot fire is about the best thing around.

    I like one of his links:

  4. i’m with you on that one. in fact i didn’t even read the post or look at the preparation. i stopped once i saw the picture of that piece of meat, at which point my imagination ran wild.

  5. this point of yours is good. while i can still grill a steak or smoke a pork butt in the winter, the social aspect is missing. can’t wait for sitting in the backyard weather.

  6. I don’t mind grilling in the winter, but I prefer to sit, with a drink in hand, watching the grill as it does its magic. That can be tough in January.

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