“The Agony Of A Food Snob”

Don’t click on this link unless you want to be irritated. Written by Daniel Gross, the Moneybox columnist for Slate, this is a pompous, elitist, self-important whine about high food costs. But not just any food, or the foods that most people eat, this is a whine about organic eggs and $43 olive oil and $22 Parmigiana Reggiano. And just so he can irritate everyone, he makes a profoundly stupid comment about the politics of most food snobs. He partially redeems himself at the end, but it is still an obnoxious article. And yes, I know that it is, at least in part, tongue-in-cheek. But it isn’t nearly funny enough to get away with being so pretentious.

2 Replies to ““The Agony Of A Food Snob””

  1. are you seriously that offended? i thought it was self-deprecating while at the same time pointing out real issues that impact everyone, except the super-rich. although, being super-rich i guess i probably can’t appreciate the common man’s trials and tribulations.

  2. No, I’m not offended, but I am a bit irritated that he is so full of himself. I realize that he was being a bit self-deprecating, but not enough for my taste. And let’s face it, while we may be lucky enough not to have to worry about the cost of food, there are people, many people, who are having difficulties. Not in the USA as much as across the world. The law of unintended consequences is operating with a vengeance. Grow more corn for ethanol? Great idea. But people in some parts of the world may die because of the change in the dynamics of food production and distribution.

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