Humboldt Fog

Great goat cheese is a rare thing, and we are lucky that Cypress Grove Cheeses exists. And even luckier that they aren’t in France or Italy (the Euro is expensive enough), but in good old Humboldt County, California. I guess some people don’t grow marijuana in Humboldt; instead they make the best cheese in America. These folks make wonderful cheese, but their Humboldt Fog is amazing. It isn’t particularly pungent, just creamy and a bit crumbly for texture. Wonderful stuff. Expensive too, but sometimes it’s worth spending a few extra dollars for the best, and this definitely falls into that category.

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  1. I also just recently discovered the joy of the “FOG”…We usually enjoy it witha great spanish rioja or a fruitywhite such as a pinot or a sav.blanc..I have melted over grilled eggplant with grilled peppers and onions.oooooooooo….next experiment will be melted over a fat grilled steak with crab……I would suggest it on a flattened wheat breadcracker from Nita Crisp…..they also make a Spelt cracker which is also a good match with a 6 month old Manchego………..OH Baby…………well there goes my diet……….Not that I advocate illegal behavior….BUT……..when matched with other products from humbolt county…….well….munch munch………Peace…..

  2. I live in Northern CA and therefore I will be the arbiter of all CA goat cheeses. The Fog is indeed among the best. The only rival is the Laura Chenel..which may be even better (and a little less expensive) than the Fog but bears what may be the worst name ever for a cheese. Sounds like a brand of bedsheets sold exclusively at Target. Zaragoza: I will run right out and buy all the Nita Crisp products and Spelt crackers I can find!

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