Whole Foods, Health Care, And The Morons Who Threaten Boycotts

I was going to write a long rant about how stupendously stupid, reactionary, unthinking, troglodytic (is that a word?), and embarrassingly moronic all of those granola eaters are who are incensed that the CEO of Whole Foods had the temerity to express an opinion on a topic about which he is quite knowledgeable. But then Radley Balko beat me to it, with two excellent posts that skewer these fools far better than I could. Read the first one here, and the second one here.

I rarely shop at Whole Foods anymore because there is a new Fairway just a few minutes farther away that has equal quality and far better selection, not to mention better prices and great American shrimp. But I might drop in there more frequently just to show solidarity with John Mackey and a lovely part of the U.S. Constitution called the First Amendment.

9 Replies to “Whole Foods, Health Care, And The Morons Who Threaten Boycotts”

  1. bbbbbuuuuutttttt i thought this was a FOOD blog?
    and why no sappy, jingoistic, non-food post about the passing of one of your most favorite, and “greatest” statesman.
    oh, sorry, it’s your bbbblog… do whatever seems to fit.
    to think that within 100 yards of each other we have the impossible line of the shake shack and his other, other, other, place! have you been, to either?
    fairway is , for me, too big, too big, and too big.
    i too applaud mackey, however misguided some of his thinking may seem to me. whole foods has one of the most worker friendly, honest approaches to employment in the corporate world.
    so, what’s on the menu?

  2. You hit it on the head: it’s my blog and I’ll say whatever I want!

    Shake Shack is ridiculous. I am sure that the burgers are great, but I’ll never find out because no hamburger is worth waiting on a long line.

    11 Madison Park is on my short list. I just never got around to going, and now it will be tough!

  3. The Whole Foods boycott is a liberal conceit. To think that only lefties shop at Whole Foods and by boycotting will put a serious dent in the business is too silly to comment on any further.

  4. I might have disparaged their intelligence a bit in my post (or was I too subtle?).

    I would be surprised if more than a very few people even remember this in a few months, much less boycott a store that makes them feel all warm and fuzzy and Gaia-loving.

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