Turley 2002 Zinfandel Ueberroth Vineyard

I was a little concerned that this would be far down the hill, but it turned out to be a lovely, fruity, balanced wine that was a pleasure to drink with my sister-in-law’s Osso Bucco. The wine was surprisingly gentle, without any of the assertive spiciness that I have come to expect from many Zinfandels. While it seemed mature — there were no aggressive tannins — there was also a youthfulness that made it very easy to drink. That may have been all the fruit, but it was a velvety, smooth wine that was exactly what I hope for when I open a mature Zinfandel, but very rarely get.

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  1. Consider yourself lucky….most Turleys don’t seem to fare too well after 3-4 years. I should know because I continue to buy 1-2 cases, year after year, knowing full well I could do better. Speaking of which…

    My find of the month, perhaps the entire year: Rabbit Ridge’s second label 2008 “Lapin” Petite Syrah. $9.

  2. I have tasted that Syrah, and while it may be your find of the year, it sure wasn’t mine! It’s worth a bit less than you paid.

    As for Turley? I agree that they can sometimes be disappointing, but they keep suckering me in because of the occasional bottle like this Ueberroth.

  3. The only problem with the Syrah is the idiotic name: “Lapin”. Suggests the wine will be redolent of cat piss and horse sweat…which is why it is such a nice surprise to find it is actually a nicely-balanced, jammy red for <10$. Surely…the find of the year!

  4. “Lapin” means rabbit in French. I am unsure of the connection between rabbits — which are in a different order than cats and horses — and horse sweat and cat urine.

    The wine is a one-dimensional fruity syrah without any of the structure for which the grape is famous. It is worth about what you paid, but I would not seek it out. There are better values in that price range, starting with D’Arenberg Stump Jumper for about $8.

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