Eat Bugs: They’re Good For You!

So the UN wants us to replace our current protein sources with insect and other invertebrate protein. Okay, but oh, about 30 years ago, I tried, and it was a resounding failure. In my student housing lived a grad student in entomology named Doug Whitman. He was of the opinion that bugs could provide a significant portion of our nutritional needs, and to prove it he organized something called “Bug Snack.” It was exactly what it sounds like; snacks made of various bugs. Maggot* paté, something made from bees, and various other disgusting (to me) concoctions. It was fun, and certainly interesting, although as a replacement for an aged strip steak grilled to a perfect rare? No, it just doesn’t work for me. And the UN should give credit where it is due; Doug was onto this a long time ago!

*All of the critters were grown in Doug’s lab, and were perfectly safe to eat.

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  1. Scorpion pate is not meant to be a replacement for NY Strip, though it could be inorporated into an “interpretation” of Beef Wellington replacing the usual liver pate or duxelle. As for the UN, they won’ rest until we’re all living in caves and subsisting on tubers and tree bark.

  2. Tubers and tree bark..the cornerstone of any nutritional breakfast.

    Speaking of bugs: I was in New Orleans last week. Found a place around the corner from my hotel that made above-average versions of gumbo, red beans and rice, crawfish etouffe, etc. I ordered all of that and a blackened catfish po’ boy to go (with crawfish sauce). Packed it as well as possible, put it in a suitcase and checked it…after which it sat on the tarmac in the hot sun for 2 hours. Following the 3-hour flight to NYC, got home and opened the suitcase and found that everything had broken open and mixed together in a disgusting-looking (but deliciously fragrant) stew. But the suitcase itself was unharmed and I was undeterred. My significant other and I argued about the wisdom of “saving” it in the fridge vs. putting it down the sink. I won. The next morning, I ate a spoonful…since I didn’t get violently ill in the subsequent 12 hours I then ate very good local New Orleans fare over the next 2 days, all while taunting and waving my spoon at my S.O.

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