4 Replies to “Bourdain And I agree About Alice Waters!”

  1. the man makes his living by having unpopular opinions. that’s part of his gig. he’s a “bad boy.” it read to me as if he shoe-horned her name in. a hot button, i suppose.

    is alice really that horrible? i’ve never read a word she said, and I’m pretty involved in the food thing.

  2. She isn’t as important on this coast, but the California food scene revolves around her.

    And duh! Of course he’s an inflammatory ass, but in this case he agrees with me, so he is a brilliant and perceptive food critic with important things to say about the state of cooking today.

  3. is the west coast food scene in such shambles because of her extreme rhetoric? hell, we could use some of that out this way, no?

    i love bourdain. he’s a gifted orator and writer, and his job is enviable. he does what he does extremely well, which is always admirable in my book.

  4. I enjoy Bourdain as well. I think that his ability to demystify food is an important, and rare attribute among food personalities. And it’s obvious that he has a brain too!

    The West Coast food scene is driven by politics as well as ingredients and cooking skill. And Waters is right smack in the middle of that. She does most people a disservice when she pontificates without any sense of the real world. But she is the grand dame of food, so people listen.

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