A Wonderful Skewering Of A New York Food Icon

Babbo is right there at the top of most people’s lists of the best Italian restaurants, and on many of the best of New York restaurants. And, I admit, I have wanted to eat there for quite some time. A combination of events, led of course by the impossibility of getting a reservation has prevented me from satisfying my curiosity (oh, and my lovely wife isn’t a big fan of Italian food). But this well written destruction is too good to ignore.

P.S. This guy is not the most charming restaurant guest, but he does write a very amusing blog post.

Montreal: Wow!

My lovely wife and I recently spent a long weekend in Montreal which, in case you haven’t been following geo-politics, is still in Canada. My Canadian food experience has been limited to drinking Molson beer and eating very good oysters from New Brunswick (I think). But that is going to change, Continue reading “Montreal: Wow!”

A Tale Of Two Restaurants

The iamnotachef juggernaut hopped nimbly out of its restaurant rut and into a fun little place in the Flatiron District of Manhattan called Punch. True to its name, it has some interesting posters from the old, and now defunct, British humor magazine. And although the food isn’t “funny,” it is certainly fun, which is more than I can say for Blue Smoke, Danny Meyer’s very successful barbecue and jazz joint a few blocks north and east. By every objective measure, I should have been happier with Blue Smoke. The service was, as is the case in all of Meyer’s restaurants, impeccable. The hostess was efficient, the bartenders were professional, everything was appropriate to the theme of the restaurant, and Continue reading “A Tale Of Two Restaurants”

Another Restaurant Rut

I haven’t had a good meal in a restaurant in more than a month. That is not to say that I haven’t enjoyed myself, or had an excellent dish (The burger I had at Blue Smoke last night was fantastic), but I would like the total package, and it just hasn’t happened recently. I have been cooking a lot, mostly simple stuff that is nonetheless great fun to eat, but nothing thrilling to write about. Sorry. I write this blog to entertain myself. But, I will be going out to dinner in Manhattan, as close to Bryant Park as possible. Unless no one is going to come through with a great restaurant recommendation, in which case I will expand the territory to include all of Manhattan except the East Side (I am allergic to the East Side). Please don’t suggest Per Se, or Daniel, or something silly that will cost me a mortgage payment and I couldn’t get into anyway. I am thinking more along the lines of Union Square Cafe, or Barbuto. Something fun, relatively casual, and with a bar!