Dogfish Head 60 Minute IPA

From the beginning of the experience, a beautiful copper-colored beer with a nice creamy head, this beer makes me happy. And it just gets better. Dogfish Head 60 Minute IPA might be the best American IPA I have ever tasted. It’s got some great hoppy flavor that is nicely balance by the sweetness of the malt, and maybe some nutty, yeasty flavors (I’m terrible at naming flavors) too. It also packs a punch at about 6% alcohol, so this isn’t the kind of beer that lends itself well to sitting on the patio and drinking a 12-pack while you barbecue a pork shoulder. Or maybe it is, because it isn’t highly carbonated and goes down really, really well. Just don’t go to the store for more charcoal after the beer is done.

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  1. This is an enormous beer. Off the charts delicious and hits like a sledgehammer. I found out the hard way. Twice. Ox down in jersey city had it. No wonder I can’t go back there.

  2. Imnot,
    I have never found a IPA that I really liked, I will give it a try.
    I prefer Bock, or Double Bock’s, personally.


  3. To be honest, I found this beer light and pleasant, but that’s all. I do agree that it was nicely balanced – sweetness vs. hops. The 90 minute IPA was more to my liking (amazingly fruity/piney nose! plus great flavor concentration) however I think the sweetness was a bit too much. The 120-minute IPA is an entirely different animal – probably the most complex beer I’ve ever tasted, but more like a dessert wine than a beer. My favorite IPA’s are Stone’s IPA, Ruination, and Rogue’s I2PA – the sweetness is more restrained in these, and the hops are more expressive. Caveat: You really gotta love the bitterness to enjoy these.

    Great Post!
    P.S. here are my notes on the 120-minute IPA:

  4. I’d also add un*earthly I2PA by Southern Tier. This one is 11% abv and I really should have read the label before opening that 22oz’er.

    High abv’s seem more and more common in microbrews – but occasionally I still get shocked. Dogfish Head 120 minute is 22%!!!!! I kid you not.

  5. I agree about the Stone. Good stuff!

    It sounds like you enjoy the bite of the hops more than I do. I have tried the 90 Minute, but really like the balance of the 60 Minute.

    I’ll look for the Southern Tier beer.

    Isn’t it amazing what great beers we can get for just a few dollars? Just think if wine was equivalently priced!

  6. A thread after my own heart.

    Green Flash Brewery in San Diego makes a nice Imperial IPA (and cheaper than the Stone Ruination)

    I just got back from Oregon, and I was sad to leave. Beerland. Had some very nice selections there.

  7. Absolutely agree with butitsadryheat (what an odd name): Green Flash IPA is outstanding. I take my nerd kids to ComicCon every year in San Diego and the highlight for me is consuming vast amounts of the Flash.

    My daugher just started school at Reed this year; downtown Portland has something called the “Brewery Block” which is just what you think it is, so I will likely be visiting her very soon.

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