Another Great…Err…Interesting Combination

I wanted steamers, but my wife is not a big fan of the little alien looking buggers. So I picked up a small piece of yellow-fin tuna, but with no particular plan in mind. When I got home, via a travel softball game (don’t worry, there was plenty of ice piled on the food), I was no closer to a coherent idea. So I did what I usually do…and punted. I marinated the tuna in my gold medal, patent pending, world-class tuna marinade. As I cooked the steamers I seared the tuna in a hot pan, and then let it cool slightly before slicing it into bite-sized pieces. I had a great avocado so I whipped up a simple guacamole, again with no coherent plan. But it all came together as my wife looked on and quietly pulled out some great tortilla chips and suggested that tuna, guacamole and chips would be a perfect compliment to the impending Yankees win. And she was correct about both! Weird but good. I liked the crunch of the chips as a counterpoint to the tender tuna. And the guacamole added that all-important ingredient — fat.

We drank an excellent 2005 Simi Russian River Chardonnay that went very nicely with the surprisingly subtle flavors of the tuna/guacamole/chips. It’s from a great year for chardonnay, and Simi is a serious winery with an excellent track record. But this wine is a cut above everything else I have tasted from that year at this price point ($18 at deep discount).

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  1. tuna tartar with corn chips is excellent as well. a pretty darned fancy “dip” that guests will eat like there’s no tomorrow. i should start blogging again or something. some of this stuff might even be interesting to a few people.

    speaking of the best burger in north jersey at South City Prime.

  2. Iamnot,
    When I go fishing, I target Tuna. We get more Blackfin here than Yellowfin, they taste the same, (and that is Awesome!) Blackfins will go 30# max, IF I GET LUCKY I can catch a Yellowfin. The biggest one I have caught is #125. That is a Cr**load of Tuna.
    There is NO way to cook Tuna wrong. My favorite is to marinade it in Soy and Sesame Oil, then coat with salt, pepper, and sesame seeds. Wasabi on the side.

  3. Oh, sorry,
    then Sear it on my cast iron skillet till it is raw in the center and black (or brown)on the outside

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