Trust Me: Buy This Goat Cheese

I picked this up at The Wine Library, while shopping for uh…wine. In addition to a great selection of wines from around the world (and great prices too), they have a magnificent cheese shop. Really. Great. Fantastic. Wonderful. The best I have ever seen. And I picked up this little gem, mostly because I was intrigued by theĀ  packaging…a vacuum-packed flat of six of these wonderful little rounds of ash-coated goat cheese. It wasn’t even that expensive. But it was wonderful stuff. So stop buying crap goat cheese from wherever you buy cheese, and pick up this stuff instead.

3 Replies to “Trust Me: Buy This Goat Cheese”

  1. If you want to taste another great goat cheese try Valencay eithef plain or the ashed version. Great eye appeal and wonderful flavor! Excelent as the starter cheese on a cheese board

  2. I haven’t tried Valencey, and while it may be wonderful, the previous commenter seems to work for a distributor of the cheese, so take his comment for what it is worth.

  3. My only intent was to mention another excellent goat cheese that is produced by PierreJacquin. Since you invte everyone to let you know about great food ,blogs and websites I thought this would be of value to you and your readers. Sorry if you did not. I did not hype or promote anything on your blog !

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