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5 Responses to “Buy Imitrex Without Prescription”

  1. well well well… looking at my web statistics and what do I see? a referral? and a NICE one at that… love the title of the post, and yes indeed, I do like duck fat (and duck, and duck eggs). I also like goose fat and slowly rendered lard from pastured pigs. That’s one of tomorrow’s projects actually, rendering a few pounds of lard, along with sowing peppers & other plants in seed flats for the garden and cooking a brisket. Maybe served some potatoes fried in duck fat with that?

    Thank YOU iamnotachef.


  2. Wow…nice to know another person who likes duck fat, goose fat AND lard has come out of the closet. Do you ever host city people at your wonderful dinners?

  3. A little late here, but hey Alabama. I love city people. I used to be one…

  4. […] (apologies to iamnotachef for the title borrowing) […]

  5. I’m flattered!

    I just found some duck breasts in the freezer. Your timing is perfect.

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